2019 High quality Shuttlecock Shooter Machine - Badminton Training Machine DB8 – DKsportbot

Parameters: * Frequency: 1.2-10 seconds/shuttles * Vertical angle: 35-16 degree * Ball capacity: 360-400 shuttles * Serving height: NO.1 machine: 40cm, NO.2 machine: 159-227cm * Power: 140W * Voltage: 100-240V * Feeding height: highest 7.5m Function: * Full function intelligent computer control, 2 sets single machine, lifting system and control system * Vertical angle adjustment system, the highest serving height can reach 7.5 meters * Single machine shooting or 2 sets combination serving, self-programming the drop point * Suitable for any badminton use (nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc.) * High-performance touch screen interface, full digital function placement, three-dimensional simulation of the stadium screen * Built-in 96 kinds of fixed -point and combined service modes