Badminton Training Machine DB3

Badminton Training Machine DB3 Parameters: * Ball frequency: 1.2-4.5 seconds/ball * Elevation adjustment: -17° to 24° (manual control) * Direction control: external * Ball capacity: 180 balls * Color: Black & Red * Lifting: 145cm-215cm * Net weight: 20kg * Power type: AC 100V-240V * Horizontal: 30°( by remote) Product function: Intelligent badminton shooting equipment DB3 * Intelligent remote control Fixed point ball, speed adjustment, horizontal swing, frequency adjustment * Remote distance over 100 meters * LCD display on remote control, easy to operate * Elevation angle adjusted by manual * Suited for any material balls (nylon ball, plastic ball and badminton ball) * Light and handy, suitcase type * Folding tripod wheels with brake, easy to carry

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