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Product parameters: * Ball frequency: 1.2-4.5 seconds/ ball * Elevation adjustment:-18°-35° (by remote control) * Horizontal angle: 33° (by remote control) * Direction  control: External * Ball capacity: 180 balls * Color: Black & Red * Lifting system: adjustable 0-70cm * Net weight: 30kg * Suitable for: Individuals, schools, clubs, training institutions * Power type: AC and DC power supply, AC 100V-240V, DC 12V, lithium battery ( 3-4 hours), machine 120W, electric lifting 25W Product Function: *Intelligent Badminton Shooting Equipment DB2 * Intelligent remote control Fixed point ball, horizontal swing, 6kinds of cross line balls, vertical swing, three-line ball, speed adjustment, stepless fine-tuning, 3 kinds of two-line ball, frequency adjustment, deep and light ball, random ball * Full automatic lifting * The serving height is up to 7.5 meters with perfect smash function * Intelligent droppoint programming, self program different modes of training * The battery working time is 3-4 hours to let you train anywhere and anytime * Suitable for any badminton use ( nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc.)