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Tennis Badminton Racket Stringing Machine DS11 Parameters: * Color: Black * Suitable for: double use for tennis and badminton rackets * Net weight: 30kg * Working voltage: 100-240V * Size: 94*46*108cm Function: * Intelligent computer automatic pound correction. * Stable constant pull function * Self-checking * Store memory function, can set 4 groups of data * Pulse width modulate, variable speed can be available, protecting the string from hurting when the string is in tension * 4 groups of pre-stretch, suitable for different string. * Sensor automatic string control, improving stinging speed and avoid breakdown * Three gears for speed * Knot and pound increasing set, automatically reset after knot * Three gears for voice * The voltage is 100-240V, suitable for any countries. * LB and KG transfer function * Pound adjust function, minitrim 0.1LB * Stringing head has the string protection system, which can adjust according to the stringing route.