Hot sale basketball ball training machine for practice

Hot sale basketball ball training machine for practice DL1 is an electronic rebounding machine for basketball, and it is the entry-level one of SIBOASI basketball feeding machine series. Simple but fashionable design makes this machine the lightest(Just 265 LBS) in the market. It can meet almost all your basic needs in basketball training(shooting or passing, defensive or offensive drills). In additon, with the high-end motor used on this machine, more powerful and longer serving distance but lower noise. Parameters: * Serving height: 1.2- 2 meters * Power source: 110-220V * Power capacity: 150W * Color: Yellow & Black * Net weight: 120kg * Suitable for: enterprise, personal, park square, school training institutions, club, sports town, featured towns Function: * Can practice shooting, body posture, ball possession, two-pointers and three-pointer, fixed-point shooting in the field, etc. * Circular network system, can be used for 1-5balls. Fixed point of 180 degree rotation, which can cover the entire field. * Adjustment service frequency, 2.3-6 sec/ball * Suitable for #6 and #7 ball, adjustable speed. * The height of the ball can be adjusted. The height of drop point is 1.4-2 meters. * Speed and frequency can be adjusted according to the player\s ability and skill level to achieve.

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