Badminton ball machine training equipment

Solved the century problem that badminton training needs to accompany opponents. Machine serving can be professionally trained: fixed-point kick, fixed-point deep ball, fixed-point shallow ball, fixed-point forehand, fixed-point backhand, two-line ball, three-line ball, horizontal swing ball, lob, high ball, smash, small ball before the net, Flat shot, flat high ball, random ball, etc.

Multifunctional intelligent remote control. You can adjust the speed, frequency, angle, etc. freely without going through the net. The remote control adopts LCD interface, which is convenient for operation and clear display. Can remotely control 2-line ball and 3-line ball functions.

Random swing function, pitch angle can be adjusted, serve height up to 7 meters. The smash speed is fast, and it can shoot 200 balls continuously.

Suitable for any ball (nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc.). The body is light, portable handle, easy to install and transport. The tripod bracket is quickly folded, and the bottom end is equipped with a movable wheel with brake, which is convenient to use and transport. The machine has a stylish design and can be placed in the trunk of any car for easy carrying.


Dksportbot Sports Intelligent Badminton training equipment is equipped with intelligent remote control and automatic serve. Different serve modes can be programmed for training. The speed, frequency, angle, etc. all demonstrate the joy of high technology. With it, do teachers and students still worry about the results of physical examinations? With it, do badminton enthusiasts still need to date a partner to play? Moreover, reality has proved that the Siboasi smart badminton training equipment has been popular among schools, clubs, training institutions and the majority of badminton players once it was launched!


These basket and feather intelligent ball machines of Dksportbot Sports have stable performance, strong practicability, and are also entertaining and can quickly and effectively improve the level of ball training. Regardless of the price factor, each family can have one. Ten years ago, TV was an indispensable product for a family. Nowadays, mobile phones are an indispensable product for everyone. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, these ball-type intelligent training equipment that conform to the trend of the times are likely to become people in the future. Essential sports products.