Basketball training, you need just an automatic server

As a basketball fan, you must envy Kyrie Irving’s cool crossover, Rajon Rondo’s magic pass, Zach LaVine’s abnormal Dunk… Each of these can make the fans excited. I must dream of becoming the leading role in the basketball court and arouse the cheers of the girls. But we have to recognize the fact that our physical quality is not as good as theirs, our height is not as high as theirs, and our training is not as hard as theirs

How to become a “Star” on the field? The only way is to practice a precise shot, not like Stephen Curry so abnormal.


You just need to have a shot that your teammates can believe in, and that you can get the ball from your teammates into the basket.

Now all you need is an automatic server, which can deliver the ball to your hand accurately. All you have to do is shoot. Don’t think about picking up the ball, which is borin

Automatic serve machine is long like this, dunk king Zach LaVine in order to improve his shooting ability, also get one set.


In fact, when Shuhao Lin was doing activities in Hong Kong, Adidas spent HK $80000 to introduce the first shot a way shooting machine from the United States. Shot a way shooting machine is very popular in NCAA colleges and universities in the United States. Almost every school has a similar shooting machine for players’ training. The Clippers’ three-point shooter, Reddick, also used it to practice shooting.

Shooting training, you need to be just an automatic server, a partner to let you shoot with all your heart.