Cooperation with Taishan Sports

Powerful hand in hand, bullish momentum in the year of the ox: Siboasi joins hands with Taishan Sports to open up a new chapter in the development of the global smart sports industry

Siboasi Sports 4th March. On January 15th, Mr. Wan Houquan, Chairman of Siboasi, led the senior management team to warmly received Shandong Taishan Sports Chairman Bian Qingfeng and his entourage. In the central meeting room of Siboasi’s headquarters, Siboasi and Taishan Sports formally reached a cooperation. Mr. Wan Houquan, Chairman of Siboasi and Chairman Bian Qingfeng of Taishan Sports signed the first strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties in the 2021 Year of the Ox.


Both parties are the leading companies in the global smart sports industry. This strong collaboration marks the coming of the global smart sports industry to a new level. The two parties will cooperate more deeply in strategic cooperation and resource integration. At the same time, SIBOASI will follow The set goals and have taken another important step forward.


Subsequently, Mr. Wan Houquan, Chairman of Siboasi, and Mr. Bian Zhiliang, Chairman of Taishan Sports reached in-depth cooperation on a number of important strategic projects. The signing ceremony was carried out by Mr. Wan Houquan, Chairman of Siboasi, Ms. Wan Ting, Executive Director, and Mr. Bian Zhiliang and Mr. Bian Qingfeng, Chairman of Taishan Sports, and the text of strategic cooperation was exchanged.


Based on its own sports industry advantages and R&D advantages, SIBOASI will join hands with Taishan Sports to open up a new chapter in the development of global smart sports. This is not only a natural need for the strategic development of both parties, but also an inevitable choice to comply with the national fitness strategy and the development trend of the big health industry. .


Group Photo


Bian Qingfeng (first from left) Chairman Bian Zhiliang (second from left) Chairman Wan Houquan (second from right) Wan Ting (first from right)


Combine strong forces to achieve a win-win strategy. Siboasi and Taishan Sports have strategically deployed the global smart sports industry as early as the beginning of 2020. Bian Zhiliang, chairman of Taishan Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd., has been a member of the CPPCC for three consecutive sessions. He has served as a member of the National Committee of Education, Science, Health and Sports of the CPPCC, a deputy chairman of the National Sports Goods Standardization Technical Committee, a deputy chairman of the National Sports Standardization Technical Committee, and China Sports Goods Industry. Vice-chairman of the Federation and other positions. Under his leadership, the Taishan sports brand has gone out of China and is well-known worldwide.


Siboasi has been doing one thing for 15 years: committed to innovation and development in the field of intelligent sports equipment, and promoted the industry to new heights with its strong scientific and technological innovation strength and product research and development strength. As the chairman of Siboasi Wanhouquan said: “Siboasi is determined to bring health and happiness to all mankind, to realize the big dream of sports, and to contribute to the realization of a sports power and the health of all mankind.”