OEM/ODM China Badminton Shuttle Feeder Machine - Badminton Training Machine DB1 – DKsportbot

Product parameters: * Ball frequency: 1.2-4.5 seconds/ball * Elevation adjustment: -18° to 35° ( Manual control) * Horizontal angle: 33° (automatic control) * Ball capacity: External * Ball capacity: 180 balls * Color: Black & Red * Lifting: 155CM-225CM * Net weight: 21kg * Suitable for: Individuals, schools, clubs, training institutions * Power type: AC 100V-240V, 75W Product Function: DB1 Intelligent Badminton Shooting Equipment * Angle adjustment system, the highest serving height can reach 7.5 meters. * Intelligent remote control Fixed point ball, Three-line ball, Two-line ball, high clear ball, Speed adjustment, Frequency adjustment, Horizontal random * Suitable for any badminton (nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc.) * High performance photoelectric sensor makes the machine more reliable and stable * Quick folding tripod

The bottom end is equipped with a moving wheel with brake, which is convenient to use and transport.