Professional Tennis Ball Machine With CE Certification

Professional Tennis Ball Machine With CE Certification OVERVIEW A tennis ball machine is a portbale robot partner for you to practice alone on tennis court. It feeds or tosses balls automatically. DT2 is the hottest of all Dksportbot’s tennis ball machines. It comes with a remote controller, internal battery for 4-5 hours’ training. A LCD screen on the back which shows the remaining power to use. It has various preset drills and it allows you to program your drills by remote controller on the other side of the court. It aids you to become a top tennis player. Internal Oscillator: Dksportbot tennis ball machine uses counter rotating wheels to propel the balls. It is the most effective method of ball propulsion allowing the machine to remain silent and effectively produce topspin and slice. The wheels are black to help disguise their location inside the machine, helping to make each shot almost unpredictable. To make your training more effective, unpredictability of shot is what you shouldn’t ignore. Portability DT2 has oversized wheels and telescopic handle, and with a reversible hopper. You can put it into the back of your car and take it easily like a suitcase. Extreme Spin: These machines have “extreme grip” throwing wheels which can create very high levels of topspin & slice. When set at the maximum level, the difficulty of the spin is so high that if you can master it, you will have no trouble dealing with your opponent’s in real match play. Of course you can always set the spin to much easier levels for more realistic practice. Horizontal & Vertical Oscillation: With this horizontal and vertical osillation funtions and adjustable serving distance (speed), the machine is able to feed balls to any spot on the half court. You can practice your move and any technique you want with the machine (forehand, backhand, volley etc). Also you can do a random drill under which the balls maybe land anywhere on the half court. Parameters: * Ball capacity: 160 balls * Serving frequency: 1.8-8 seconds * Color: Red, Black * Default battery: built-in lithium battery * Power: 150W * Net weight: 28.5kg * Expanded size: 56*40*83cm * Packaged size: 56*40*52.5cm * Power: AC and DC power supply, AC 110V or 220V, DC 12V * Suitable for: individual, school, club, institution Function: * Intelligent remote control Fixed point ball, three kinds of two line training, vertical line circulation, random balls, deep-light ball, six kinds of cross-line ball, horizontal line circulation, top spin, three line training, back spin * Be suitable for any tennis ball ( training tennis, pressuried tennis, etc) * Built in Battery, play time 5-6hours, with LED screen to display the real time.

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