Tennis Training Machine DT2

DT2 Tennis Ball Throwing Machine  Parameters: * Ball capacity: 160 balls * Serving frequency: 1.8-8 seconds * Color: Red, Black * Default battery: built-in lithium battery * Power: 150W * Net weight: 28.5kg * Expanded size: 56*40*83cm * Packaged size: 56*40*52.5cm * Power: AC and DC power supply, AC 110V or 220V, DC 12V * Suitable for: individual, school, club, institution Function: * Intelligent remote control Fixed point ball, three kinds of two line training, vertical line circulation, random balls, deep-light ball, six kinds of cross-line ball, horizontal line circulation, top spin, three line training, back spin * Be suitable for any tennis ball ( training tennis, pressuried tennis, etc) * Built in Battery, play time 5-6hours, with LED screen to display the real time.